Kardamili (Kardamili seen from the footpath to Malta)
Oct 15


Exohori (literally "the outer place") is part of the larger grouping of villages, sometimes including Kardamili, called Androuvitsa (or Ardouvitsa), although you won't find that name on modern maps. That name goes back to medieval times and is of Slavic origin. Indeed a man called Spanis is reported by the Venetians of the time as being 'Captain of Arduvista' and there is evidence that the Spanos family were leaders of the originally Slavic tribe of Melingi during the late medieval period. It is likely that the Androuvitsa area was one of the centres of this tribe's power in the Outer Mani, though by the 14th century we can assume that they were Greek speaking and of the Orthodox faith. Although the Melingi were an independent lot and there is evidence that they played off the Franks against the Byzantines in Mistra they seem to have had much more in common with their Greek neighbours than the Franks.

(John Chapman)
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